What to see in Málaga at Christmas time

What to see in Málaga at Christmas time

The Christmas season is approaching and one of the best destinations to spend Christmas is the city of Málaga, although the high season is more palpable during the summer holidays where you can enjoy the sun and the beach, recently the increase in seasons during the season. Christmas has been remarkable, it is one of the most diverse and entertaining places, to spend Christmas with the family and we will tell you why.



With a warm, vibrant atmosphere and with a great Christmas lighting, the streets of Málaga are prepared to receive tourists and locals with hundreds of activities to do. Starting with shopping, fun walks around the city, tasting delicious typical gastronomy of the time and visiting a fun amusement park or attending a concert in the street, this and more to see in Málaga during Christmas.

For some years, the radiant city of Málaga has been the favorite destination of hundreds of Europeans during Christmas, who describe it as one of the best Christmas destinations in Europe. The preparations for the Christmas season are here, and we show you what things you cannot miss in Málaga at Christmas time.

Christmas lighting

Christmas in Málaga

At the end of November and the beginning of January, the city of Málaga is filled with lights, taking the Christmas lighting to another level, this city is known throughout Spain for being one of the most beautiful and vibrant during Christmas, and its main squares have imposing Christmas trees that attract the eyes of all visitors.



Calle Larios is the great setting for this traditional activity, its display of Christmas lights covers the entire street, hundreds of white bulbs surround trees and squares, during Christmas light and sound shows are held in this place, it is without a doubt one of the best attractions to see in Málaga at Christmas.

Christmas Market

Christmas shopping has always been an important part in terms of Christmas traditions, the feeling of walking through the beautiful illuminated streets and the warm Christmas atmosphere make this one of the most enjoyable activities, it is for this reason that among the things to see in Málaga in Christmas time, you cannot stop attending the Christmas market.

The Christmas market is installed in each region of Málaga, here several stalls of crafts, souvenirs, nougat, food and drinks coexist, the temperature to visit these Christmas markets is ideal, be sure to visit a Christmas market during your stay in Málaga and get ready to have a pleasant enough time.


In the city you can find a market in the Plaza de la Marina, near the Paseo de la Alameda and also in the  Soho Neighbourhood. Also in other closly villages like Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola or Marbella. 

Street concerts

We all like Christmas, because it is one of the happiest times, a truly magical time that enchants children and adults alike, and one of the things that make it even more joyous are the popular street concerts. In Málaga, many musical shows combine the melodies of guitars, violins and flutes.

The small Christmas concerts in parks and squares of Málaga are one of the things to see in Málaga during Christmas, in the historic center of the city is where most of this type of activities take place, the Christmas music in these concerts street spreads the magic of this time to every corner of Málaga.

Nativity Scene Contest

Nativity scenes and living nativity scenes are one of the main traditions of the people of Málaga, the nativity scene in the Cathedral is one of the most impressive, as is the living nativity scene in the neighborhood of La Mosca.


In some cities of Málaga, nativity scene contests are held, this usually takes place a few days before Christmas Eve, and the locals give their best and create impressive scenarios of up to a whole room, in which they take months working. Fuengirola is one of the best-known places in terms of the best Nativity scenes; there is a completely signposted route in this place, where the visitor can join if they wish.

Ice skating

The Ice Skating is a beautiful ice rink 35 meters long and 15 meters wide where you can go and have fun with your family. If you are in Málaga during Christmas this place should be on your list of things to see. Children and adults with or without ice skating experience you will spend an unforgettable time in this beautiful rink, where the use of gloves is mandatory, the rink is operational from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Other places to see in Málaga during Christmas

The variety of places to see in Málaga at Christmas time is quite extensive and therefore you will have a large number of activities to do and enjoy during your December holidays, these are some of the places and activities, which you cannot miss during your holidays in this Wonderful city.

• Visit the amusement parks
• The Festival of Verdiales
• Delivery of a Christmas letter to the royal postal worker and Royal Pages
• Night walk along the Pier
• Christmas carol contest
• Chimes in The Plaza de la Constitución
• The bonus of 40
• Tasting of Christmas products

In addition to the typical Christmas plans, you can continue enjoying the rest of the most popular activities during the rest of the year, from a intimate flamenco show or a tour of the best wineries in Ronda.



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