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What does "tapas" and "tapear" mean in Spain?

First of all, we will explain that the word “tapas” or “tapear” has nothing to do with throwing a pile of dirt on someone and leaving them covered or buried.


In Spain this has a much more popular and folkloric meaning. “Tapear” for the Spanish is to consume a “Tapa” and this is what in other countries is known as “pasa palos”, or “abrebocas”.

They are small pieces of snacks, generally made from different types of meat such as lamb, pork, beef, poultry or they can also be vegetarian.


The fact is that they are like “mouth openers” that are tasted from bar to bar and with different drinks such as wine or beer.

Whoever does not know in Spain, what a “tapa” is, does not know what is the delight of nightlife, although it is also customary to have tapas during the day or at any time that you can go out with your friends on the Ramblas, in Barcelona, or any other city and either staying stuck in one bar, because you liked the atmosphere, or go and visit several bars to go tapas from one place to another.


The point is that it is usually an adventure that can be exciting, very cheap or very expensive, but always fun and divine.


What are the most famous "Tapas" in Spain?​


As “tapas” are always related to spirits, they are also related to bars and restaurants.


We will now mention some of the most requested ones:


  1. Based on squid, they are delicious and very fresh, due to the proximity of the sea, they are always exquisite.
  2. The croquettes can be of poultry, such as chicken, turkey and other poultry, but crispy.
  3. There are vegetarian croquettes, based on potato tortillas, spinach, eggplant, paprika, tomato and other vegetable components, and topped with olive oil to the customer’s taste. They can be topped with salsa brava, with aioli or natural, they are always a delight,
  4. Mussel tapas are worldwide as well as fresh shrimp tapas.
  5. Many make them with different types of cheeses and combine them with spinach, chard or other vegetables to please their demanding clientele.
  6. Olives are also one of the most popular ingredients for “tapas” in any corner of the Motherland. They can be green or black, natural or with vinegar, combined with pickles or Serrano ham, in short, they are the best.
  7. Not to mention the “tapas” of Serrano ham, these can be served with any wine, be it Spanish, French, Chilean or wherever, but the reality is that they are mouth-watering.

In short, whoever has not eaten tapas in Spain, is like someone who has been to New York and did not visit the Statue of Liberty, someone who went to France and did not visit the Eiffel Tower or someone who went to Portugal and did not visit a fado.

Tapear in Spain is like dancing tango in Argentina, the best, the best” and an unforgettable culinary experience that can be accompanied by live music, and olé, with a guitarist!


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